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Getting rid of any user intervention and result interpretation whatsoever, our Ayríís uses groundbreaking technology for perfectly reliable QC checks of wettability. With just one click and in seconds, the 3D Contact Angle of water is measured and auto-validated with a simple passed/failed message using preset quality limits. The highly advanced 3D drop projection technique of Ayríís provides for automatic self-checking of consistency and plausibility of each result. As a mobile, stand-alone instrument with easy-to-exchange rechargeable batteries and prefilled cartridges, Ayríís is prepared to operate 24/7 on your production site.


MSA measures surface free energy with two liquids, fully automatically and mobile using our new “One-Click SFE” method. The MSA doses two parallel drops with one click, followed by the direct analysis of the contact angles and the derived results of the surface free energy. All steps are automated and happen within a second. The precise measurement and scientific evaluation are performed with a single button click. Thus, measurement errors due to incorrect operation are virtually ruled out.


The entry level instrument which is an easy-to-use and reliable for measuring contact angle, Surface Free energy and Surface & Interfacial Tension measurement by Pendent drop method. The trend to water-based bonding, coating and printing on plastics has made solving wetting problems an important challange, With the DSA25, KRUSS covers the increasing demand for rapid wetting tests. DSA25 Series configuration
  • DSA25 B: Basic configuration.
  • DSA25 S: Standard configuration.
  • DSA25 EExpert configuration.


DSA30 is a robust instrument which can be used flexibly for the precise measurement of contact angle and surface free energy. With high-quality components and various automation options, the DSA30 analyses wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. Fast measurements and simple operation make the instrument a valuable part of your routine quality control. DSA30 Series Configuration:
  • DSA30 B: Basic Configuration.
  • DSA30 S: Standard Configuration.
  • DSA30 E: Expert Configuration.


Drop Shape Analyzer (DSA100) is a high-quality system solution for almost all tasks in the analysis of wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. From the basic unit for precise measurement of the contact angle to the fully automatic expert instrument for serial measurement of surface free energy, This is the right instrument for your special requirements. DSA100 Series configuration.
  • DSA100 B: Basic configuration.
  • DSA100 S: Standard configuration
  • DSA 100 E: Expert configuration.


The Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100HP is our high-quality solution for the precision measurement of contact angle as well as surface and interfacial tension under pressures up to 1750 bar. In order to carry out the measurement, the DSA100HP’s high-resolution camera records video images of dosed drops through the pressure cell’s viewing windows and these are then evaluated in real time. DSA100 Series configuration.
  • DSA100HP40 : Maximum Pressure – 40 bar (580 psi)
  • DSA100HP690 : Maximum Pressure – 690 bar (10 000 psi) 
  • DSA100HP1750 : Maximum Pressure – 1750 bar (25 000 psi) 


It is the only instrument in the world to use the top-view reflection method for measuring the contact angle of a liquid on a solid from above. TVA100 determines the contact angle using the radius of curvature of the upper surface of the drop. The innovative measuring method is particularly suitable for measurements in depressions and on concave surfaces where drops cannot be analyzed using the conventional side view. The measuring head is available as a module for the well-proven KRÜSS DSA100, DSA30 and Easy Drop instruments and also as an independent portal system for contact-free measurements on large samples.


The manual tensiometer for reliable basic measurements A Tensiometer for rapid determination of interfacial tension and the surface tension of liquids and a very successfully instrument wherever it is necessary to test the effectiveness of emulsifying agents, soaps and wetting agents. As well as It is used to indicate the presence of oxidation and polymerization in fats, organic and inorganic oils and fuels, etc. K6 is also suitable for training purposes in schools and universities for demonstrating the action of the surface tension force in a comprehensible manner.


The versatile semi-automatic tensiometer for quality control It is the specialist for quality control-everywhere that surfactants are used and for measuring surface and inter facial tension of liquids using the Wilhel my Plate or the Du Noüy Ring method. In addition, it is able to determine the density of liquids. The motorized sample stage can be manually as well it is driven smoothly by an electric motor for quick measurement. It can be powered by rechargeable batteries, so it is suitable for flexible use as a portable stand-alone instrument. It is available as the manual standard version K20S and the semi-automatic instrument K20.


The new generation tensiometer for liquid and solid surfaces Theoretically, building a tensiometer is simple: putting a moveable sample stage underneath a force measuring device. But developing the best-in-class tensiometer is something completely different. It takes more than just using an utterly precise force sensor (which we did) and the most sample positioning with the widest dynamic range (which we developed). It takes a change of perspective that focuses on the user and his task – you and your task. It takes the will to make your lab work as convenient, flexible, and time-saving as possible. We believe that Tensíío is that kind of instrument.


The SDT Spinning Drop Tensiometer measures interfacial tension with a high degree of accuracy and a particularly wide range down to very low values. The SDT is the ideal solution for the quality control and development of emulsions and surfactants thanks to its enormous bandwidth, small sample volumes, and simple handling during preparation. The instrument is particularly well-suited for analyzing the interfacial behavior of mini- and microemulsions, e.g. for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or the pharmaceutical and cosmetics branches.


Immerse – click – read: Capture the surfactant concentration of your bath within seconds using surface tension (SFT) with the BPT Mobile Bubble Pressure Tensiometer. The quality inspector using it knows immediately if the bath is okay thanks to an ad-hoc evaluation. Moreover, for proactive adjustment of the bath, the BPT Mobile shows how the surfactant content decreases over time.