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DAC Gas Loader

Top Industrie has for a long time been developing a lot of innovative equipment for Research laboratories in the very high-pressure sector, in close partnership with world leaders. The combination of extreme pressures and temperatures obtained through the use of diamond anvil cells (DAC) allows the behavior of materials to be studied when subjected to these extreme conditions. To increase the final pressure, the DAC must be pre-loaded under high pressure for gaseous environments.

Batch reactors with bolted yoke or clamp and screw

For applications requiring temperatures above 250°, or pressures above 300 bar, the autoclave type design with plug and screwed head is no longer suitable, either because the force exerted by the pressure is not compatible with the strength of a thread, or because the temperature imposes low compressible seals which therefore require a precise torque. In this case, TOP Industrie designs and manufactures autoclaves with bolted heads, with a sealing ensured by Kalrez, PTFE or metal seals. In the same way as for the quick-closing autoclaves, TOP Industrie realizes an almost infinite range of diameter/height torques allowing the user to choose the volume and the H/D ratio best adapted to his experiments. The whole range of accessories and peripherals useful to the world of research and university or industrial experimentation is available.  
Equipments :
  • Magnetically coupled stirrers,
  • Heating by heating collar, oven or double jacket,
  • Cooling at the end of the cycle, or in case of exothermicity by Vortex or coil type circulation.
  • Pressurization and regulation, transfer and management of fluids, liquids, gases, powder.
  • Injection and sampling of gases and liquids.
  • Filters, separators, catalyst baskets.
  • Mounting on aluminium profile frame or with pneumatic or hydraulic lift.
  • Complete control of the whole unit by touch screen or LabVIEW development on PC.
  • Pressure measurement, temperature control, stirring speed control, flow measurement, gas consumption...

Equilibrium Sapphire Cell apparatus for CO2 rich mixtures studies

Low temperature VLE measurements can be studied using a stirred equilibrium cell, consisting of a stirred sapphire tubular cell mounted between two Hastelloy C276 or Titanium flanges. This experimental facility has been designed for working temperatures between 200 and 470 K and pressures up to 20 MPa. In this device, known quantities of substances (liquids, liquefied gases or gases) can be injected into the cell with the help of measuring pumps (PMHP) and very precise gas tanks from Top Industrie. Two ROLSI™ micro samplers, one for the liquid phase and one for the vapor phase, are installed at the top of the cell. Due to the very small sample volume (e.g. < 0.1 μl), the equilibrium inside is not disturbed and samples can be taken from the different phases and analyzed directly by GC. For precise pressure measurement, three sensors are connected to the cell and heated to a constant temperature. The temperature is measured directly in the cell using Pt100. ature est mesurée directement dans la cellule à l’aide de Pt100.

High pressure static analytic apparatus (VLE, VLLE, or gas solubility)

The measurement of phase equilibrium data (vapor-liquid equilibrium, gas solubility, etc.) may require high pressures and high temperatures. The cell can be manufactured in titanium or hastelloy C-276. This unit was manufactured by TOP INDUSTRIE to study the solubility of acid gases in aqueous alkanolamine solutions. The effects of various sulfur compounds on solubility can be explored through experiments using this equipment. The main body is equipped with two sapphire windows allowing a view inside the cell. This equipment can be used up to temperatures of 400 °C and pressures of 400 bar, The equilibrium cell is thermoregulated in a thermostatic chamber and can be charged with known amounts of substances. In the case of purified and degassed liquids or liquefied gases, this can be done with the aid of a piston injector pump (PMHP) which allows precise recording of volume differences.

Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor HP/HT°

This range of autoclaves with metal/metal seal has been designed for high pressure and high temperature use, especially in petrology, volcanology and geology. It allows to study the behavior of rocks, the interactions between the material and its gas/liquid environment in extreme conditions. The samples are either placed directly in the compression fluid or placed in sealed gold capsules. The pressure is generated either by an aqueous medium using Henri's curves (P.V.T); or by pressurizing the sample directly into gas using a booster (up to 3500bar) or a gas multiplier (up to 7000bar).