High pressure static analytic apparatus (VLE, VLLE, or gas solubility)

The measurement of phase equilibrium data (vapor-liquid equilibrium, gas solubility, etc.) may require high pressures and high temperatures. The cell can be manufactured in titanium or hastelloy C-276.

This unit was manufactured by TOP INDUSTRIE to study the solubility of acid gases in aqueous alkanolamine solutions. The effects of various sulfur compounds on solubility can be explored through experiments using this equipment. The main body is equipped with two sapphire windows allowing a view inside the cell. This equipment can be used up to temperatures of 400 °C and pressures of 400 bar,

The equilibrium cell is thermoregulated in a thermostatic chamber and can be charged with known amounts of substances. In the case of purified and degassed liquids or liquefied gases, this can be done with the aid of a piston injector pump (PMHP) which allows precise recording of volume differences.

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