Equilibrium Sapphire Cell apparatus for CO2 rich mixtures studies

Low temperature VLE measurements can be studied using a stirred equilibrium cell, consisting of a stirred sapphire tubular cell mounted between two Hastelloy C276 or Titanium flanges. This experimental facility has been designed for working temperatures between 200 and 470 K and pressures up to 20 MPa.
In this device, known quantities of substances (liquids, liquefied gases or gases) can be injected into the cell with the help of measuring pumps (PMHP) and very precise gas tanks from Top Industrie. Two ROLSI™ micro samplers, one for the liquid phase and one for the vapor phase, are installed at the top of the cell. Due to the very small sample volume (e.g. < 0.1 μl), the equilibrium inside is not disturbed and samples can be taken from the different phases and analyzed directly by GC.

For precise pressure measurement, three sensors are connected to the cell and heated to a constant temperature. The temperature is measured directly in the cell using Pt100. ature est mesurée directement dans la cellule à l’aide de Pt100.

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