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Foam is a welcome companion to many products, but almost as often it is a nuisance that must to be avoided. Either way, for quality control of your products and processes, it is necessary to exactly determine the foaming behavior of the liquids and foam-inhibiting additives involved. The easy-to-use Foam Tester – FT carries out this task reliably and in an exactly repeatable manner. Using accurately controlled gas flow and precise electronic foam height measurement, the Foam Tester gives you significant results for the foaming capacity of your liquid and the decay speed of the resulting foam.


The DFA​100 Dynamic Foam Analyzer measures the foamability of liquids and the stability of quickly decaying or long lasting foam based on reproducible foaming and height detection. With optional modules operating in parallel, it also measures the liquid content or analyzes the foam structure with regard to bubble size and distribution. The DFA100 supports you in optimizing foam-forming products or helps you to avoid unwanted foam formation.


The Foam Tester FOA enables the investigation of foams with regard to foam production, stability and foam decomposition. Based on the ASTM D892 the Foam Tester FOA extends the measuring possibilities to increased pressure ranges with only insignificant changes in design. Even aqueous liquids can now be tested under pressure for their foaming behaviour at elevated, previously inaccessible temperatures of more than +100 °C.


The HPFA High Pressure Foam Analyzer is the world’s only measuring instrument for simultaneously analyzing the amount and structure of liquid foams under high pressure. The instrument provides various options for investigating foam behavior under the real process conditions of foam-assisted flooding methods in EOR as well as hydraulic fracturing.