The Foam Tester FOA enables the investigation of foams with regard to foam production, stability and foam decomposition.

Based on the ASTM D892 the Foam Tester FOA extends the measuring possibilities to increased pressure ranges with only insignificant changes in design. Even aqueous liquids can now be tested under pressure for their foaming behaviour at elevated, previously inaccessible temperatures of more than +100 °C.

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Measurement device

Foam Tester FOA 1015


Examination of foam and foamers at elevated temperature to simulate field conditions.
Test foam stability and defoamer efficiency, carry-over tests


Based on principles of ASTM D892

Temperature range

+30 .. +150 °C (+86 .. +302 °F)

Pressure range

0 .. 10 bar (145 psi)
All cells can be operated individually

Number of test cells

1 (Basic)
2 (with extension)

Sample volume

~ 50 .. 200 ml


68 kg (FOA, empty w/o cells)
approx. 100 kg with two test cells

Dimensions (WxDxH)

44 x 54 x 143 cm (FOA w/o balance, PC)

Power supply

230 V~ or 115 V~

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