Oil Airation Machine (Foam)

Our FOAM (Flucon Oil Aeration Machine) is a compact aggregat which contains a 40 Liter tank (type FOAM S), that can be easily integrated into your fluid circuit as a reservoir, where it then produces consistent air-in-oil dispersions.

If you favor an external installation, with an aeration unit added to your pre-existing open reservoir, you may prefer our FOAM XL-x, which we also recommend if higher flow rates of up to 60 l/min (15 gpm) of aerated oil are required. If you need even more than that, we also offer extra-large custom FOAM units.

No matter what type of FOAM you prefer: Aeration testing is very easy with this plug-and-play unit. Simply set up a gas concentration (CG set = 0.50 – 25.00 vol.-%*) for your specific oil. The FOAM will immediately add the desired amount of dispersed gas to your fluid. This procedure will be carried out fully-automatically, with no compressed air supply required. When the gas concentration reaches the required level the “FOAM ready” lamp lights up and you can go ahead and pump the aerated oil through your circuit.

Additional information
FOAM // General features

– stand-alone aeration test rig
– continuous production of temperature-controlled micro-bubble mixtures
– CG Set = 0.00 … 25.00 vol% (in 0.50 vol% increments)
– includes 40 Liter reservoir (requires approx. 20 l min.)
– suitable for flow rates of up to 50 l/min
– 3-phase motor 400 V 50-60 Hz; high efficiency (IE3)
– comes with 4.5 kW heater and air cooler (T set = 20 … 120°C)
– integrated CG measurement
– approx. measures: L 880 mm x D 800 mm x H 1100 mm, weight: approx. 200 kg
– additional pump required (FOAM pump will be used for internal circulation only)
– full control via stand-alone mode, RS-232/USB with flucon software or 0…10 V analog interface

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