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LAMBDA Thermal Conductivity Meter

LAMBDA is a compact, operator-friendly transient hot wire instrument that facilitates a fast determination of the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity in a wide temperature and pressure range by means of the transient hot wire (THW) method, according to ASTM D7896-19. This highly accurate athermal calorimeter is suited for fluid analysis in the laboratory as well as in the field, including the measurement of thermal conductivity of nanoparticle dispersions/nano fluids. Our LAMBDA Thermal Conductivity Meter can be operated either in stand-alone mode or with the intuitive software (incl.) on your WINDOWS computer via RS-232/USB. highly accurate thermal conductivity meter for laboratory use wide measuring range (10 - 2000 mW/(m*K)) wide temperature range (-50°C to 300°C) fast, instationary resistance measurement by means of the hot wire method conforms to ASTM D7896-19 robust stainless steel sensor no unwanted influence of convection suitable for any type of fluid, powder or gel requires only small sample volumes (approx. 40 ml) high accuracy and repeatability (+/- 1 %) thermal conductivity (λ), thermal diffusivity (aT), specific heat capacity (cp) and temperature are displayed

QVis 01/o Process Viscometer

Our QVis 01/o inline viscosimeter automates your viscosity monitoring and generates measuring results that are reproducible and documentable. Banish flow cups and  keep track of your fluid viscosity at all times!


Since measurement of the dynamic viscosity with QVis is completely independent of the direction of flow, the mounting of the QVis 01/o sensor can be realized in any form of pipe, regardless of the flow conditions in it. QVis can be operated in stand-alone mode or it can be connected to your PC: a comfortable Windows software is included in the delivery to allow you to automate measuring procedures and to further process the obtained data.  


The QVis 01/o inline viscometer consists of only two components: a probe and a compact electronic unit which are connected with a flexible cable. The robust plastic housing includes an electronic control and evaluation system and can be mounted on the nearest wall or installed in your control cabinet. The probe contains the unique SiO2 torsional tranducer and is equipped with a G 1″ screw connection to give you maximum flexibility in regard to the installation. Depending on your requirements further types of sensors (e.g. clamping-fastened sensors with a screw-cap or sensors with special thread or even flange connection) are available upon request.