LAMBDA Thermal Conductivity Meter

LAMBDA is a compact, operator-friendly transient hot wire instrument that facilitates a fast determination of the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity in a wide temperature and pressure range by means of the transient hot wire (THW) method, according to ASTM D7896-19.

This highly accurate athermal calorimeter is suited for fluid analysis in the laboratory as well as in the field, including the measurement of thermal conductivity of nanoparticle dispersions/nano fluids.

Our LAMBDA Thermal Conductivity Meter can be operated either in stand-alone mode or with the intuitive software (incl.) on your WINDOWS computer via RS-232/USB.

highly accurate thermal conductivity meter for laboratory use
wide measuring range (10 – 2000 mW/(m*K))
wide temperature range (-50°C to 300°C)
fast, instationary resistance measurement by means of the hot wire method
conforms to ASTM D7896-19
robust stainless steel sensor
no unwanted influence of convection
suitable for any type of fluid, powder or gel
requires only small sample volumes (approx. 40 ml)
high accuracy and repeatability (+/- 1 %)
thermal conductivity (λ), thermal diffusivity (aT), specific heat capacity (cp) and temperature are displayed

Additional information
Suitable media

fluids, gels, powders

Sample quantity

approx. 40 ml

Measuring range

10 – 2000 mW/(m*K)

Repeatability limit

1 %

Temperature range - sensor

-50°C – 300°C

Temperature accuracy

± 0,1°C

Temperature measurement



0 – 35 bar (optional HP version up to 10.000 bar available)

Response time

ca. 60 s


RS-232 interface (adaptable to USB)


LCD (4 x 16 digits)

Dimensions electronic unit (LxWxH)

370 x 235 x 150 mm

Weight - system

approx. 2,9 kg

Power supply

110 – 240 V AC, 50/60Hz

Energy consumption


Outer dimensions sample vessel (screw-on cup)

D = 38 mm (equals inner diameter of thermostat jacket);
L = 110 mm (equals immersion depth into thermostat)

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