EPSILON+ for the measurement of dielectric fluid properties (Conductivity, Permittivity, DDF)

EPSILON+ is a compact laboratory measuring device that is used for the precise measurement of the complex fluid impedance, based on DIN IEC 60247 (own DIN test standard coming soon). This reliable system determines the following parameters:

  •  Specific Electrical Conductivity
  •  Relative Permittivity / Dielectric Constant   ε r
  •  Dielectric Dissipation Factor (DDF) tan δ

EPSILON+  //  Measurement

EPSILON+ is characterized by its operator convenience. Less than 10 ml fluid quantity are sufficient for the measurement set-up of the screw-in sensor. The sample is filled into the supplied stainless steel container and heated up to the desired test temperature by means of a thermostat (optionally available). Automatic measurement can be conducted as well within a desired temperature range, with increments of your choice.

EPSILON+  //  Features

  •  determination of the complex fluid impedance
  •  only small samples required (8 ml)
  •  high accuracy and repeatability
  •  wear-free stainless steel screw-in sensor
  •  integrated temperature measurement (PT100)
  •  optional accessory: thermostat for automatic temperature control of your sample
  •  evaluation electronics in compact table housing with LC Display
  •  EPSILON+ PC software for control and measurement evaluation included
Additional information
Dimensions sensor

D = 38 mm, H = 115 mm

Sample quantity

8 ml

Measuring range

10 – 2000 mW / (m*K)


Stainless steel, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyimide

Temperature measurement

PT 100, +/- 0,1°C deviation

Temperature range

-20°C to 180°C

Sample temperature control

electric thermostat optionally available (controlled by EPSILON+)


0 – 35 bar (optional HP version up to 10.000 bar available)

Electrical conductivity - measuring range

0 nS/m to 600 μS/m

Electrical conductivity - resolution

0,02 nS/m

Specific resistivity - measuring range

1,6 MΩ *m to 50 GΩ *m

Relative permittivity - measuring range

1 to 10

Dielectric dissipation factor - measuring range

0 to 10.000

Dielectric dissipation factor - resolution


Measuring time

approx. 15 s


+/- 1%

Power supply

110-240 VAC

Energy consumption

max. 30 W

Dimensions aluminum housing (WxHxD)

235 x 150 x 370 mm


blue LCD, 4 x 16 digits

Data communication (PC)

RS-232 (adaptable to USB), EPSILON software for WINDOWS included

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