E-Lub Tester

The E-Lub Tester determines the ohmic resistance and capacitance of your rolling bearing, thus of the lubricant used therein, under real operating conditions applied by the FBT four-ball tester.

For this, a high-precision impedance measurement is used, which was developed based on flucon’s EPSILON+ laboratory instrument.

In addition, the E-Lub Tester enables EDM breakdown currents to be analyzed under a defined electrical load on the bearing so that the performance of greases and oils in rolling bearings can be specifically investigated under variable operating conditions (lubricant temperature, speed, load).


Key features

  • determination of the lubricant impedance in rolling bearings
  • suitable for axial roller bearings (type 51208) and radial ball bearings (type 6008)
  • determination of ohmic resistance and capacitance
  • EDM analysis (short-circuit-Scan): measurement of electrical breakdowns and ohmic currents during operation
  • variable operating parameters: E-Lub Tester: lubricant temperature (automatic control), electrical load (common-mode voltage); FBT: running time, speed, load (all relevant data is stored in the program)
  • automated measuring programs
  • includes intuitive software for control and measurement with a Windows PC
  • includes impedance calibrator
Additional information
Determined data

ohmic resistance, capacitance, breakdown frequency (number & amplitude of EDM currents)

Compatible substances

Greases and oils

Bearing types

51208, 6008

Material - FBT adapter

stainless steel with PEEK housing and assembly handle

Temperature measurement

PT100 by bearing

Temperature range

20°C to 120°C


2400 N max.


6000 rpm max.

Frequency range

100 Hz to 10 MHz

Common-Mode Voltage

60 V max. (peak to peak)


USB, ethernet

Power supply

230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Scope of delivery

FBT adapter (rolling bearing carrier) with sensor cables, mounting mandrel & ball, control unit in Rittal cabinet, "flucon E-LUB" PC software (for Windows OS)

optional accessories

Fluid thermostat w/ compressor, set of hoses and stopcocks, laptop

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