CGS Inline Aeration Meter

The CGS (Concentration Gas System) is an inline measuring system for the continuous determination of the gas content in fluids. The system works regardless of the size and shape of the entrained gas portions in the
fluid. Therefore both finely dispersed microbubbles as well as large air pockets can be detected correctly in the passing medium, with their percentage by volume displayed in real time.

The following parameters are determined by the CGS:
• temperature (−30 °C to 150 °C)
• pressure (max. 10 bar)
• gas content CGp at measured pressure
• gas content CG0 at atmospheric pressure (recalculation according to the ideal gas law)

Additional information
Measuring range

0 to 100 vol% Gas


approx. ±0.1 vol% Gas

Measuring media & Flow rates

electrically non-conductive fluids
for flow rates < 5 l/min: use standard sensor
for higher rates: use bypass installation or large sensor
customized sensor tubes for main stream installation also available upon request

Measuring time

Standard: approx. 1 s,
high-speed version (measuring time approx. 100 ms) available upon request

Temperature measurement

PT 100, ± 0.1 °C

Temperature range

−30 °C to 150 °C

Pressure range

max. 10 bar

Dimensions – measuring tube (WxHxL)

Standard sensor: 40 x 110 x 165 mm;
Large sensor: 60 x 127 x 218 mm
custom-made sizes available upon request

Material – measuring tube

special steel (1.4571)

Temperature range sensor

-20°C to 120°C (optionally up to 300°C)

Hydraulic connections

Standard sensor: 2x UNF 9/16"-18Gg (dash-6) male
screw-on adapters (G 3/8" or others) available upon request;
Large sensor: 2x G1" female;

Dimensions – electronic unit (WxHxD)

Standard (Aluminum): 235 x 150 x 370 mm
Large (with connecting terminal): 330 x 150 x 300 mm
Compact (for mobile applications): 240 x 95 x 115 mm

Data communication (computer)

RS-232 interface (CGS software for Windows included)

Analog output – temperature

4 … 20 mA/0 … 10 V

Analog output – CGp-signal

4 … 20 mA/0 … 10 V

Analog output – CG0-signal

4 … 20 mA/0 … 10 V

Analog output – pressure

4 … 20 mA/0 … 10 V

Power supply

110 – 240 VAC or 9 – 36 VDC

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