Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor HP/HT°

This range of autoclaves with metal/metal seal has been designed for high pressure and high temperature use, especially in petrology, volcanology and geology.
It allows to study the behavior of rocks, the interactions between the material and its gas/liquid environment in extreme conditions. The samples are either placed directly in the compression fluid or placed in sealed gold capsules.
The pressure is generated either by an aqueous medium using Henri’s curves (P.V.T); or by pressurizing the sample directly into gas using a booster (up to 3500bar) or a gas multiplier (up to 7000bar).

Additional information

Operating pressure up to 7000 bar
Operating temperature up to 900 °C
Useful volumes from 10 to 500 ml
Material according to pressure and temperature: 1.4980 (a286), Inconel, René 41…
Sealing: cone / cone or metal / metal by Bridgman gasket.
Automated rapid quenching
Safety: rupture disc or valve
Construction in compliance with the European directive PED 2014/68/EU

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