Drop Shape Analyzer DSA30M


The Micro configuration of our DSA30 was specially designed to investigate the contact angle on surfaces which require very small drops for analyzing them. The DSA30M solves this task with a picoliter dosing system and powerful microscope optics. The result is a versatile instrument that provides precise contact angle and surface free energy results for samples such as hairs or the screw windings of dental implants.

The available dosing units for 20 or 60 picoliter minimum volume dispense microscopically small drops of test liquid onto the sample. The fine positioning of the dosing unit and the sample allows precise placement of the drops. Working with two test liquids also enables the surface free energy to be calculated. This result provides important information for the adhesion, e.g. of fiber coatings.

Thanks to the high-quality microscopic lens and powerful illumination, the DSA30M has high image quality that enables reliable measurement results from image analysis. With the help of the instrument’s high-speed camera, even ultra-small, rapidly evaporating drops can be easily analyzed.

Additional information
Measuring range

Contact angle : -10 to 70 °C

Temp. Measurement Resolution



6.5 x zoom, Manual

Sample stage


Maximum Sample space

320 mm × ∞ × 275 mm (W × D × H) (without axes)

Outer dimensions

610 x 250 x 610mm (W x D x H)

Power supply

88-264 V, 50-60 Hz


10 Kg without accessories

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