Drop Shape Analyzer DSA30R


Drop Shape Analyzer DSA30R perform measurements of Interfacial Rheology and gives the relevant results for optimizing products and processes.

The measuring principle of the DSA30R involves evaluating video images of drops or gas bubbles at a dosing needle to measure the surface or interfacial tension (SFI/IFT). The interface size is sinusoidally changed during this process. The SFT/IFT is measured as a function of the surface change and is also sinusoidal in the case of samples containing surfactants.

The dosing unit’s extremely precise piezo drive enables exact sine waves in a frequency spectrum of 0.001 to 20 Hz, so the measurements cover a very wide dynamic range.

Many innovations around the DSA30R turn formerly complex interfacial rheological analytics into an easy-to-perform method with quick sample changing. The filled glass syringe is inserted in a few simple steps and coupled automatically to the dosing feed.

To determine the influence of temperature, or to make investigations of high-viscosity systems easier, the syringe is embedded in a temperature-controlled sleeve for measurements between -10 and 70 °C. The temperature of the surrounding phase can also be controlled. Moreover, the start of certain processes such as the beginning of oscillation can be automatically linked to the target temperature being reached. This ensures reproducible conditions without user intervention.

Applications: –

■ Emulsions and foams for food or personal care
■ Flooding mixtures and foam in enhanced oil recovery
■ Demulsifiers
■ Defoamers and antifoamers
■ Surfactant research

Additional information
Measuring range

Contact angle : -10 to 70 °C

Temp. Measurement Resolution



6.5 x zoom, Manual

Sample stage


Maximum Sample space

320 mm × ∞ × 275 mm (W × D × H) (without axes)

Outer dimensions

610 x 250 x 750mm (W x D x H)

Power supply

88-264 V, 50-60 Hz


13 Kg without accessories

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