Drop Shape Analyzer (DSA100) is a high-quality system solution for almost all tasks in the analysis of wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. From the basic unit for precise measurement of the contact angle to the fully automatic expert instrument for serial measurement of surface free energy, This is the right instrument for your special requirements.

DSA100 Series configuration.

  • DSA100 B: Basic configuration.
  • DSA100 S: Standard configuration
  • DSA 100 E: Expert configuration.
Additional information

Focus: manual
Zoom: 7× zoom, manual
View angle: ±4°


Type: high power monochromatic LED
Wave length, dominant: 470 nm

Dosing system

Dosing: software-controlled (4×) + manual (1×);
up to 8 dosing units possible


Type: external
Control: software-controlled
Range: 0 to 90°

Sessile drop/Captive bubble

Result: contact angle
Range: 0 to 180°
Resolution: 0.01°
Accuracy: 0.1°
Models: conic section, polynom, circle, Young-Laplace, height-width

Pendant drop/Rising drop

Results: interfacial and surface tension
Range: 0.01 to 2000 mN/m
Resolution: 0.01 mN/m

Surface free energy of solids

Result: surface free energy
Models: equation of state, Zisman, Fowkes, Wu, Owens-Wendt-Rabel-Kaelble, Schultz-1, extended Fowkes, acid-base theory

Temperature control

Equipment: temperature-controlled sample stage, chambers, cuvette
Types: liquid, electrical, Peltier
Range: liquid, electrical, Peltier
Range: -30 to 400 °C


Operating temperature: 10 to 40 °C

Instrument dimensions

Footprint: 555 mm × 375 mm (W × D)
Height: 490 mm
Weight (without accessories): 24 kg

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