Mageleka’s flagship instrument is the MagnoMeter XRS™ RelaxoMeter, a powerful and versatile next-generation benchtop low-field NMR spectrometer that provides fast, accurate, particle characterization and solid-liquid interface analysis of dispersions and liquid-liquid interface analysis of emulsions. It is ideal for fundamental formulation R&D, rapid QC of incoming raw materials, and QA of final commercial products.

RelaxoMeter is ideal for fundamental formulation R&D, rapid Quality Control of incoming raw materials and Quality Assurance of final commercial products.

–          Determine HSP of powders

–          Select the optimum solvent/solvent mixture for polymers and dispersants

–          Estimate the wetted surface area of colloids, suspensions, and slurries

–          Study adsorption/competitive adsorption/desorption of surfactants and polymers



Relaxation Time: T1 100 µs – 100 seconds, T2 50 µs – 100 seconds

Concentration Range: 0.01% – 90% wt (sample dependent), no dilution required

Particle Size Range: 5 nm – 5 µm

Temperature Range: 4°C to 80°C

Sample Tube Size (I.D.): 2 mm – 8 mm

Sample Volume: 100 µL typical

Voltage: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Power: 120 Watts

Connectivity: Ethernet

Control Module: 360 x 255 135 mm (LxWxH);

Weight: 6.3 kg

MagnoPod™: 210 x 215 mm (H x Diam);

Weight: 1.5 kg