The PSL Coldfinger CF 15120 is equipped with up to 15 measuring places for multi-place testing. Combining multiple cold fingers in one heating bath facilitates screenings on wax inhibitors, e.g. simultaneous testing of different chemicals on a single sample or testing of different inhibitor concentrations with the same sample. The Cold Finger can be run with separate temperature control and stirring speed for each rack of 5 measuring places, thus reducing full test procedure for a single sample immanently. The dry bath allows a precise temperature control up to +120 °C / +248 °F.

Additional information
Measurement device

Cold Finger CF15


Examination of wax and paraffine deposition on cold surfaces
Screening of wax and paraffine inhibitors

Temperature range heater

+30 .. +120 °C (Standard)
+30 .. +200 °C (High temperature option)
-10 .. +80 °C (Low temperature option)

Temperature range cold finger

-5 .. +65 °C (Standard)
-20 .. +65 °C (Low temperature option)

Pressure range (optional)

max. 172 bar (2,500 psi)
All cells can be set individually

Number of fingers

5, 10 or 15 (5 per rack)

Sample volume

approx. 60 .. 80 ml / finger

Stirrer speed

0 / 450 .. 1.200 rpm


90 kg (CF15 with 3 racks)
plus approx. 35 .. 45 kg per thermostat

Dimensions (WxDxH)

55 x 59 x 118 cm (CF without accessories)

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