Test of AA and KHI at deepwater conditions

Multi-phase flow testing

Full view polished test cell for optimization of inhibitors

Ball run time measurement

4 designs – 2,6,8,20 test cells max

Stringent test conditions for improvement on product safety for deepwater application

Sour gas testing

Additional information

Rocking Cell RCS

Rocking Rate

Research on gas hydrates, Hydrate Inhibitors, Corrosion adjustable 1 …….20 Min -1

Rocking angle

adjustable 1 ….45 degrees

Pressure range

up to 200 bar (2,900 psi)

Temperature range

_10 …. +60 degreeC (+14 … +140 degreeC), depending on thermostat

Data recording

variable between 1 and 30 sec

Voltage input

230 V~, 50/60 Hz (115 V~ on request)

Power consumption

max. 7kW (without thermostat)


RCS6 (RCS20): approx. 230 kg (380 kg) without thermostat


RCS6 (RCS20): 110 x 80 x 220 cm) without thermostat

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