The Bubble Pressure Tensiometer from KRUSS helps to characterize the surfactants efficiency as never before. This instrument is used to get information about wetting and drop formation in rapid processes.It measures dynamic surface tension with high accuracy.

BP100 measures the behavior of a surfactant over a wide speed range as part of a single, fully automatic measuring process. This enables you to find out how quickly a surfactant acts and when the required surface tension has been reached.BP100 is also suitable for checking the surfactant content of cleaning or galvanic baths. The dynamic surface tension responds particularly sensitively to changes in the surfactant content in the concentration range of such baths, thus enabling these changes to be reliably determined.

Additional information

Footprint: 300 mm × 390 mm (W × D)
Height: 585 mm
Weight (without accessories): 13 kg


Range of temperature measurement: -10 to 130 °C
Resolution: 0.01 °C
Precision: 0.05 °C
Accuracy: 0.5 °C
Internal sensor: sample stage
External sensor: optional: sample vessel


Maximum pressure: 3000 Pa
Precision: 0.05%
Accuracy: 1.3%
Measurement rate: 20 kHz


Results: dynamic surface tension vs. surface age
dynamic surface tension at constant surface age
adsorption constant / Ward & Tordai
diffusion constant / Joos & Rillaerts
Range (surface tension): 10 to 100 mN/m
Resolution (surface tension): 0.01 mN/m
Precision (surface tension): 1%
Range (surface age): 5 to 200000 ms

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