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Turbiscan CLASSIC 2 offers fast identification and monitoring of destabilization mechanisms (creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coalescence…). Turbiscan CLASSIC 2 can be used in both R&D and QC labs for development and routine control of raw materials and final product formulations. The instrument detects stability evolution at an early stage, up to 200 times faster compared to visual testing. Various formulations (emulsions, suspensions or foams) can be studied even at high concentrations without any sample preparation or dilution.


STABILITY ANALYZER FOR CRUDE & FUEL OILS – ASTM D7061 Turbiscan® is used world-wide to detect at an early stage all kinds of destabilization such as coalescence, flocculation, creaming, sedimentation, etc… Turbiscan® Oil Series allows the stability analysis of heavy fuel oil thanks to an innovative method granted ASTM D7061.


Turbiscan Lab enables fast and sensitive identification of destabilization mechanisms (such as creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coalescence…). A temperature-controlled measurement cell allows either stability monitoring at specific storage temperatures or accelerating destabilization process. Turbiscan Lab  can be used in both R&D and QC labs for development and routine control of raw materials and final product formulations. The instrument not only detects stability evolution at an early stage, up to 200 times faster compared to visual testing but also quantifies global formula alteration with TSI scale.


Turbiscan TOWER is for full characterization of the dispersion stability of concentrated formulations (emulsions, suspensions, foams). 6 independent measurement positions allow simultaneous comparison of formulations for faster and better understanding of destabilization mechanisms (creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coalescence..). Dispersion Analysis can be performed from 4 to 80°C to accelerate the destabilization process or to reproduce storage conditions. An improved mechanical design and vertical set-up offer better performance and smaller bench footprint.


Three-sample Accelerated Stability Analyzer FAST AND SENSITIVE STABILITY DETERMINATION • 1,000 times faster than visual control • Real storage conditions (no centrifugation or dilution) • Accelerated stability analysis with 3 sample positions from 20 to 60º C to rapidly study stability. A COMPLETE INSIGHT TO FORMULATION PROPERTIES: Dispersion stability analysis (migration velocity, phase thickness, diameter kinetics), particle size (mean diameter, hydrodynamic diameter), dispersibility (dispersibility ratio) and redispersion testing (mean signal value comparison). SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE • Global stability quantified with one number to make decisions faster. Instant reading on the LCD screen. • Adapted TSI Scale for smart guidance to quality evaluation.


HIGH-THROUGHPUT STABILITY ANALYZER High throughput screening is more and more useful to shorten the formulations time-to-market. Turbiscan AGS integrates the Turbiscan LAB stability analyzer, a robot, a storage station and a smart software for automatic sample handling and reporting. This concept enables automated management of aging tests from sample storage at different temperatures to shelf-life analysis.